Unusual hotels of the world

The hotels in almost every city in abundance, regardless of what country You are in. But what if quite basic, monotonous room bored and want fresh experiences. The thirst for something new and unusual became a kind of initiator of the unusual demand for hotels and unusual hotels around the world. And today there’s a whole range of hotels that embody completely different design and finds solutions that You wouldn’t come. Here are a few examples.

Underwater hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort

Underwater hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort opened on 15 January 2010 in Fiji and is located on the island of Poseidon. An unusual part of the hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort are 24 rooms-capsules and one luxury Suite, which are located at a depth of 15 m. the Room-capsules attached to the corridor-tube. In case of emergency they are secured by a security system, thanks to which they can be separated from the corridor and go up to the surface. Visitors of the underwater hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort is provided the opportunity to admire the colourful fish, which can be attracted, if to feed them by pressing a special button on the remote control. Night in this room can become unforgettable!

Icehotel, the ice house in Sweden

In Sweden,near the town of Jukkasjarvi, grows every year the ice hotel, Icehotel. Thanks to the team of designers and architects from year to year the hotel is changing, and it’s not like the hotel the previous year. The temperature in the hotel kept at minus 5-10 degrees, so there is not suggest that you spend more than one night. Sleep guests home ice, Icehotel. in a fur sleeping bags on ice beds, covered with fir branches and reindeer skins. Bathrooms are located in special locations with higher temperature. The rest of the holiday tourists are recommended to hold in more warm hotel, located nearby. In the ice hotel, Icehotel. also there are facilities for Golf, a cinema, a Museum of ice sculptures.

La Villa Hamster (a hamster House) in France

In France in the autumn of 2009 we opened an unusual hotel called the hamster House (La Villa Hamster). Guests are invited to feel themselves ‘ in the shoes of a hamster ‘: the whole situation only reminds the rooms of the place of residence of the rodent. And it’s hanging in the air staircase that leads to the bed, and the container with organic grain, and a barrel of drinking water and even a metal wheel with a diameter of 2 m, the pride of the innkeeper. There is also a shower and kitchen in the near future plan to conduct Wi-Fi and access to similar hotels in Paris and in London.

Hotels for animals

Unusual for people to seem of for animals. But in recent times this practice is becoming more common. Who would not want to leave your beloved pet with professionals, if You can’t take it with you on vacation or on a business trip? On the question of how to choose gostinjac for dogs or for cats, the answer is not very difficult. It is important to pay attention to the hotel’s premises and animal welfare (be sure to personally visit the hotel before you leave Your pet!), on sanitary conditions, veterinary care, on the proposed diet. Do not trust the young firms that offer low prices. It is necessary that firm, predstavlyayushie a hotel for animals, permanently and officially worked at the market and was ready to sign the contract with You. Be careful when choosing a hotel for Your pet!

Of for flowers (plants)

As You can see, the world is full of unusual ideas. If You are tired of gray days, You can go on vacation in a fancy hotel, leaving their Pets, whether it be Pets or plants in the safe custody.

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