Unusual hotels and rooms for lovers

What could be nicer than a joint vacation with your loved one? Better just to hold a joint vacation somewhere in an exotic place. Owners of some hotels tried to take into account the constant pull of people to the new sensations, organizing an incredible place to stay.

Your significant other loves the outdoors? Make it a nice. Book a double room at the Swedish hotel “Treehotel”. A distinctive feature of the rooms is that they are all located in the trees. Each room is a separate Bungalow on the tree. Moreover, all these high-rise bungalows linked by rope ladders. Inside the rooms have everything to make the guests feel absolutely comfortable. It is not known exactly what the firm mattresses were brought for the equipment of the beds in the rooms, but no complaints from guests about the hotel have not been reported.

However, among young people can be seen not only only the nature lovers. There are also many who cannot live without the city and all its urban benefits. Such citizens can visit Berlin and the hotel “Propeller Island” coined by German artist Lars Strastnom. The hotel offers 30 rooms. While each is a special unique world. All rooms are completely unlike each other. The man who stayed in the hotel for several days, can never exactly be sure what to expect behind the next wall. One room is fully decorated by the dark Ages, the other almost perfectly replicates a horrible prison cell. The third room allows us to be in a strange temple, but guests have to sleep not in bed but in a coffin. Naturally, people who want to stay in a hotel “Propeller Island”, warned in advance in which room they will live. Some of the most unusual rooms in Berlin hotel is one where everything to turn upside down: beds, a table and a TV mounted on the ceiling. In place of beds there are open hatches.

Fancy hotels with unique rooms, not only in Europe. For example, you can mention about the hotel “Hang Nga Guesthouse” in Vietnam. One cursory glance at the hotel to understand, to understand that the architect who created it, clearly focused in their work n the architectural masterpieces of Antoni gaudí. During the construction of the hotel was actively used floral motifs.

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