Unusual hotels

Hotel — place “unusual”

Hotels appear and flourish where they are needed, and for a guest they are no longer just a place to sleep. In the battle for customers owners try to stand out. And because the trend is “unusual” hotels

Today the hotel ceases to be a guest only for a place to sleep. People pay more attention to comfort, modern equipment, environmentally friendly rooms. According to my projections, will increase the number of hotels with ecocertification. In developed countries, ecology pay much attention.

Generally in the trend of “unusual” hotels. One of their obvious characteristics is a special location. This is followed by the materials from which the building is constructed. Finally, additional options. In the battle for customers owners try to stand out. As a result of appear in caves in the mountains, made of ice.

In the foothills of the Pyrenees lies the hotel Airstream which furthered the tradition of holidays in mobile homes-vans, characteristic of the America of the 1950s. the Tale of the time machine here is similar to reality thanks to a black-and-white television sets and other retro-style.

And spouses of ILM and Frank Appel of the Dutch village of Hoogwoud has turned into a family hotel the two most common tram cars. Four rooms are equipped with Talkonaut, shower and toilet, but also a kitchen and different interior details. Special feature in our country — hotels in former prisons, even prison food. And entertainment — a walk in the yard.

GOST Hotel Management also have pisecny mini-hotel “Sretenskaya”. He is the eponymous streets of Moscow, in the former princely chambers, a twenty minute walk from red square and the Kremlin: the original interior in the tradition of Russian folklore, the atmosphere of antiquity and luxury. Credo — excellent service and delicious dishes worthy of any gourmet. Cooks and restore the ancient Russian recipes. Since December 2010, we are reviving the brand “Russian Hotels”, which went over and under “Candlemas”, and Nizhny Novgorod the volna hotel.

Now prepare to open the boutique-hotel “Pushkin” on Tverskoy. Here the architecture of a nine-storey building is designed in the style of Russian art Nouveau. The interior is done in harmony with the architecture. We have conceived of “Pushkin” as an island of luxury and decadence. Technical equipment should make life comfortable, but not too edgy.

Hotels appear and flourish where they are needed. Opens a new resort — so to build a hotel. Or, for example, in Viet Nam, the liberalization of the political climate led to the influx of tourists from other countries.

Of course, the most profitable major hotels. But the word “profitable” could mean two things: the ability to return the investment and get operating profit. So, if you made a mini-hotel in a suitable location with a sound concept — will be able to save on staff. It is important to divide the amount of own and borrowed funds. Initially to build up the business. To be a competent Manager. Ideally — the most fully cover all aspects of the work. For example, GOST Hotel Management is developing in three directions: hotel management, consulting at every stage of building or reconstruction of the facility and implementation of hotel services. Doing as a country retreat and city hotels. Among the objects of business and boutique hotels, ski and health resort complexes…

In Russia, the hotel business has its own characteristics. In some cities tourism. The Russians are beginning to travel not only to other countries but in their homeland. Hotels with a decent service more and more. Mastered province. The market affects the organization of mass events: the FIFA world Cup, the APEC summit in Vladivostok, Sochi Olympics. Of course, niches still exist. Will be probably five years before they will be filled, and the competition becomes tougher. The biggest problem is a large territory with different levels of life in the regions. If, for example, in Azerbaijan to develop Baku and the resort, half the country will be covered. We have a different story.

A separate issue is the selection and training of personnel. Especially in the province. On the training of employees can save. After all, if the hotel hamovataya administrator or careless maid, the customer is not coming back here.

This expectation differ. Guests of the suites, almost all now boring. This audience shifted in fancy hotels or private tours for new routes. The middle class, spending on a vacation about 10 percent of the annual budget, most of them aimed at a five star all inclusive in format last minute deals — Turkey or Maldives. But, in my opinion, in a hotel of any level should be comfortable. Worst of all — disappointed expectations when pictures and descriptions of places at odds with reality.

One of the important components of hotel service the restaurant, as there is the greatest number of staff. In the West it is common practice that the hotel appears a restaurant under the brand name of any chef. In Russia it is still a wonder. For us typical standard Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Sometimes it is enough to restrict ourselves solely to Breakfast. Thus, the network of St. Petersburg mini-hotels, Bed&breakfast, located in the former communal apartments in the city center, offers only a light morning snack of tea and oatmeal, are easy to cook at the apartment kitchen.

The hotel restaurant is a special theme which requires individual study for each project. Take into account the area, the tourist flows, competitive environment. In any case, it is important to hotel guests and guests from outside. Otherwise the business will be difficult to survive. A big help will be a well-written calendar of festive events. The restaurant and the hotel must be considered together.

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