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Historical hotels of the world.

Historical hotels of the world.The hotel is an atmospheric place. Maybe that’s why the concepts of the most fashionable and modern hotels are usually drawn from history, which, it turns out, still tolerates the subjunctive mood. Next, you can see 10 of the most impressive historical hotels in the world, transformed by talented restorers.
Corsewall Lighthouse, Scotland, Kintyre Peninsula.
Corsewall lighthouse is a national treasure of Scotland. It was built in 1815, but is still in working order, although it has been turned into a luxury hotel. An unusual hotel with spectacular sea views is “part-time” owned by the lighthouse Keeper.
A hotel in All Saints ‘ Church in Northamptonshire, England.
In this old Church offers elegant rooms and free Wi-Fi access and nearby private Parking. On weekends, medieval feasts are held here for tourists.
Courtyard by Marriott Nizhny Novgorod City Center, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod.
This new Nizhny Novgorod hotel includes a restored merchant’s estate of the XIX century, recognized as a cultural heritage site. Currently, there is a Banquet hall that can accommodate up to 80 people, as well as suites, the most expensive of which — the presidential one — is estimated at 16.5 thousand rubles per night.
Bed and Bunker hostel in a former artillery bunker. Leger, Albania.
In Albania, a cold war-era artillery bunker was turned into a bed and Bunker hostel. According to the authors-Albanian and German students of architecture-the project will give an impetus to the development of tourism in the region. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in the world

Deciding where to go to rest, people often spend a lot of time looking at. It must be comfortable, convenient, affordable prices, with good plumbing, clean sheets and differ from the previous “Hiltons” and “Magazine” in which all but stopped. Sometimes some places are worth a visit because of the hotel.

At the height of 1700 meters above sea level, in the village of Les Cerniers, in the Swiss Alps, is a high-tech environmental camp Whitepod hotel. On the territory of this Paradise you will be prompted to have a rest not only soul, but body, taking part in ski expeditions. The length of the mountain slopes that hotel is about 7 km (the good, each shutter has a lift). Only here, away from civilization, you can count on blissful silence, because to get to this magical place only on foot or on skis, any transfers you will not be offered. Yes and simply no. But you can enjoy the best dishes from the chef and local foods.

In the suburbs of Nairobi, in Kenya, in the midst of a family of giraffes for the nursery is an extraordinary six room hotel Giraffe Manor, built by David Duncan in the nineteenth century. Currently, based on the nursery operates a Giraffe Centre, where you can go on trips. Continue reading

Hotels haunted

If you don’t believe in ghosts, you will want to stay in one of these hotels to change their minds. First of all, for those who like to tickle nerves, you need to go to the UK, where one can meet a Ghost in every old house. It seems that ghosts from all over the world settled on the island.

Guests Lanhham five star luxury Hotel in London are ghosts. Quite often residents see a white-haired gentleman in the clothes of Edwardian. It occurs, as a rule, in room 333. But who is this Ghost and why he did not find peace, no one knows.

And in the English countryside lives a lot of ghosts. Hotel In Holt. located in Oxfordshire, tourists come in order to choose one of eighty-six comfortable, cosy rooms and see the area. But some of the guests come here because of the ghosts. Say that about 4 years ago in this house brutally killed the owner and his wife. Accused of a crime of a Frenchman, who seduced an honest woman, and that led to the tragedy. Since those early years, the Ghost killer is in the hotel rooms. Continue reading

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