The sea is calling: the famous underwater hotels in the world

Hotell Utter Inn, Sweden

A small deck-a beacon in the middle of the lake hides a full-fledged underwater hotel. Hotell Utter Inn, situated in a picturesque Bay in Westeros, attracted by the opportunity to retreat from society and unity with nature.

It is here that every guest can fully relax, enjoy the fresh air and admire the stars from the deck, and in underwater rooms you can admire from the Windows of the strange and fascinating spectacle – clear waters of lake mälaren.

Minimum price per night is 260 euros.

The Kwanini Manta Resort, Tanzania

If the love of the exotic in your blood, you should include this hotel in your list of places to visit: it is truly a Paradise. The hotel itself is small, is a wooden cabin, drifting away from the shore 200 metres away. Do not worry about their safety: the boat is constantly on duty security guards, and on the shore rescue.

From the cab you can go out on the deck and soak up the sun, and the brave divers are strongly encouraged to meet with a coral reef located near the hotel, as well as its diverse inhabitants.

The minimum cost of one night is $ 1,500.

Resort World Santosa, Singapore

The country’s “Asian tiger” tourism is developing in leaps and bounds, so there’s an underwater hotel and that the size of the aquarium is 4 times the famous Ambassador Lagoon in Dubai. Each room is compact and unusual design solutions, and the color scheme of the rooms creates a pleasant mood.

The rooms have all essential amenities and conveniences, if hungry, you can order restaurant food in the room.

The minimum cost of one night will be 2400 Singapore dollars.

Atlantis, The Palm and the Ambassador Lagoon, Dubai

Although it is not the, say, affordable prices, and to buy a tour to Dubai could still almost every. Why not take advantage of the chance to see the world famous underwater hotels with aquariums and rooms that offer excellent views of marine life? Moreover, tours to Dubai from Kiev easier than ever!

Hotel Atlantis The Palm – phantasmagoric spectacle. Located on an island connected to the continent only by a narrow bridge, it offers luxurious parks, a unique ecosystem and aquarium.

Another hotel is the Ambassador Lagoon also has a unique interior and design, as well as rooms, where you can admire the floating glass fish and rays.

The cost of one night in these hotels will be at least $ 5,500.

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