The most unusual hotels in the world

For many people, the hotel is only a place to sleep. I want to introduce you to 10 coy unusual hotels of the world, which might sound interesting to you a place where you want to spend your next vacation! Some of them might not offer 5-star comfort but they truly are one of the most amazing in the world and most unusual hotels!

So, launch with hotels converted into different vehicles…

1. “Controversy Tram Hotel”, The Netherlands

Frank and ILM Appel from a small village Hoogwoud turned 2 the most common tram cars, more recently, running the streets of Amsterdam and Germany, in a wonderful family-run hotel.

The hotel has just 4 rooms that includes everything you need for a comfortable stay: a double bed, equipped kitchen, shower, toilet and much more…

The owners themselves at this Aparthotel also live in a very unusual house, “typing” in the architecture of the famous red double-Decker English bus, turning it in his bedroom

In the area surrounding the hotel is also a lot of interesting things, such as video in the form of a UFO

or here is the sculptural composition…

The price is from 60 euros/night

2. “The Old Railway Station”,UK

The next unusual hotel is located close to the town of Chichester in the UK and consists of 4 famous Pullmann converted railway carriages and buildings of the old railway station, built in 1892 for the Prince of Wales — later Edward VII.

Luxury Pullmann cars are preserved in luxurious rooms…

The price for this hotel is 250 – 400 euros/night or UK £ 125-200/night.

Another “train” the hotel is also in England on the West coast of Cornwall.

It’s converted in 4 bedroom large Apartamenty 48-foot Mail car No. 841, built in 1889 for the Great Western Railway.

The price is 100 euros/50].pounds/night.

Want to feel like a rich man, for example the owner of a private plane? Then, book your accommodation for Il-18, previously used to transport members of the government of the German Democratic Republic.

The plane length of 40 meters is a luxury family room: with Jacuzzi, shower, infrared sauna, Minibar, 3 flat-screen TV, Blu-Ray DVD, and a snack bar with kitchenette.

The price is 250-400 euros/night.

Of course, not easy to sleep on the plane, only this does not apply to Jumbo, which is only a ten minute walk from the check-in counters at Arlanda airport.

Here you can spend the night onboard a real jumbo jet. This hotel has 27 rooms of different comfort level

The price – from 100 Euro/night.

6. “Jules Undersea Lodge”, USA (Florida) — underwater hotel where you need to dive to enter.

This hotel is intended for fans of extreme rest, because it lies at a depth of 21 feet under water. The entrance to this underwater hotel through an opening in the bottom of the bathyscaphe. The Jules Undersea Lodge has 2 separate fully furnished rooms, each of which has a large, 106 cm (42 inch) round window-porthole

The hotel is located in the waters of Mangrove lagoon, a natural nursery for many reef fish, such as, for example, tropical angel, parrot and Barracuda…

The price – from $ 550/night

7. “Crane Hotel”, The Netherlands

This Harbor crane has become a luxurious retreat for two.

In the old crane cabin is a luxury bedroom which would be appropriate in the most modern design hotels…

The crane is still able to rotate with relatively simple management from the cockpit…

Fantastic Breakfast included in the price and comes up through an internal lift to your bedroom.

To spend a night in this hotel costs 319 euros.

Amazing fairytale rooms and apartments at the “Trojan horse” to attract tourists from around the world…

The hotel has just 10 rooms is made in eco-style, each designed to separate a fabulous interior.

The price is 100-250 euros/night.

9. An unusual hotel “Kumbuk River Resort”, Sri Lanka — a dream is a 40-foot elephant!

KumbukRiver is an oasis, nestled on 16 acres of land in the South-East of Sri Lanka. Renowned for its massive 2-story primary Villa, built in the shape of an elephant

Inside the “elephant” only 4 rooms, which can accommodate up to 12 people

In addition to the “elephant” in the resort there are also two chalets for larger groups of tourists.

The price – from 250 to 400 euros/night.

In the forests of the Patagonian Rainforest is amazing Huilo Huilo reserve. And in such amazing places is no less amazing place to stay – a hotel, designed in the form of the mountain, from the top of which falls down a waterfall…

The hotel has 13 rooms, each named after the plants and animals found in the Park…

The price – from 250 to 400 euros/night

Of course the list of unusual hotels much more extensive. For example, you can stay in the hotel in the form of a Shoe…

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