The most unusual hotels in the world

Deciding where to go to rest, people often spend a lot of time looking at. It must be comfortable, convenient, affordable prices, with good plumbing, clean sheets and differ from the previous “Hiltons” and “Magazine” in which all but stopped. Sometimes some places are worth a visit because of the hotel.

At the height of 1700 meters above sea level, in the village of Les Cerniers, in the Swiss Alps, is a high-tech environmental camp Whitepod hotel. On the territory of this Paradise you will be prompted to have a rest not only soul, but body, taking part in ski expeditions. The length of the mountain slopes that hotel is about 7 km (the good, each shutter has a lift). Only here, away from civilization, you can count on blissful silence, because to get to this magical place only on foot or on skis, any transfers you will not be offered. Yes and simply no. But you can enjoy the best dishes from the chef and local foods.

In the suburbs of Nairobi, in Kenya, in the midst of a family of giraffes for the nursery is an extraordinary six room hotel Giraffe Manor, built by David Duncan in the nineteenth century. Currently, based on the nursery operates a Giraffe Centre, where you can go on trips. Luxurious decoration of the hotel, of colonial times the Sir Henry Stanley Livingstone Mortoni is his most uninteresting trait. Naturally, the neighborhood of graceful giraffes makes the stay in this hotel the most memorable event. They come to the hotel, usually during Breakfast. And the guests are allowed to feed them with your hands, this each room has a bag of food.

Exploranter Hotel — extreme hotel on wheels, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was invented by 33-year-old Amateur extreme sports enthusiast Flavio Merlo. His idea of traveling in Chile and Argentina in suites relished spoiled delights the consumer. The hotel Exploranter Hotel is equipped by all necessary for accommodation — kitchen, lounge and 28 beds. Surprises and the chef, preparing the courageous people from the red ants. Mobile hotel designed for tourists-adventure seekers: rafting, horse riding, travel in a hot air balloon and Hiking is the main occupation of local residents.

In New Zealand, there is an amazing hotel Woodlyn Park, where, instead of the usual cozy cottages, you will offer you to stay at the Hobbit Motel (cabins, stylized dwellings of hobbits from the Tolkien’s trilogy “the Lord of the Rings”). But the hobbit hole it’s a place only superficially resembles, thanks to the famous round doors. Inside the room equipped with modern furniture and appliances. You can choose a room with a double bed and single. On-site Woodlyn Park are invited to settle in Train Motel — renovated train 50s, Motel, Plane — plane Bristol Freighter 50s, reconstructed into 2 rooms and The Waitanic — patrol vessel of World War II.

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