The most unusual hotels in Australia

Ah, Australia – the poet’s dream. Nature, diversity of attractions and mystique of the distant continent seem so romantic!

But if you want to not only dream, but also to visit the continent, you need to do at least three things: to get a visa, buy tickets and choose a hotel.

This place truly unique. Here you can enjoy complete privacy with nature. Here you will not find a single other guest – system of the hotel guarantees absolute blackout from the outside world and gives you an unforgettable time alone with yourself or your company.

Its doors Thorngrove Manor Hotel opened in 1984. Since that time, a small luxury hotel welcomes guests with special fairy spirit.

It all started with the fact that Kenneth Lehmann decided to create a unique art venue with a romantic nature. Is to inspire visitors and take them to the fantasy world. This man had designed, created, built everything with your own hands. The design inside is also his job. Not surprisingly, he and his wife are the owners of this nook in cerdagne Australia.

The hotel – a kind of outsider, he is outside of the corporate culture and is pure nugget. The creators of Thorngrove Manor believe that it is a contextual response to its unique regional environment and history.

The most unusual hotels in the world – architecture and design

Architectural unity project provides a dynamic and elegant image. Think fancy traveling outside of the imagination. Room – creative, one can develop on full. Architectural design is a very personal expression. Thorngrove was established to perform functions and services, but also to be at the same time decorative and artistic monument.

The building reflects energy, confidence and architectural integrity. Individual interior, in the first place, is meant to evoke feelings and slowly reveal the many layers of design. The harmonious combination of technologies, textures, colors and modern Australian Gothic ideals and scale is staggering. Thorngrove is visual interest, individuality and diversity of organic forms.

The rooms are decorated with great attention to detail. Rare skill of local artisans has found expression in furniture made according to original designs. Each room is designed in a special technique, there is an informal creative atmosphere.

If you are a lover of Antiques – this place is for you. This creates the impression of an elegant timelessness, individual character and simplicity.

The most unusual hotels in the world – exterior

Offer Thorngrove, you will not have the question of what to do in your free time. The exterior can be seen for hours on end. The abundance of Gables and spires creates a mood of escapist fantasy and thoughts about the eternity of life and history.

To emphasize the organic nature of the building, in some places, the internal structure is presented outwardly, and Vice versa. The trees, which here-here will burst in the window, lots of natural elements in the interior – it connects the person with the beginning – with nature.

Thorngrove proudly and boldly exist outside of space and time. This is not a standard category of hotel – it is a truly unique experience for the heart and soul.

The most unusual hotels in the world – rest

In his spare time you can go to Adelaide – a city nearby and enjoy the beauty of the hills. There are advised to try fine wines at the Bridgewater Mill restaurant and stroll through the most famous wine valley Barossa Valley. Also advised to pay a visit to the wine cellar Penfolds Magill Estate.

For nature lovers, places will be Kangaroo Island and Cleland Wildlife Park.

In the vicinity you will find Golf clubs, gardens, museums and Spa. Be sure to do something.

7 minutes on foot and features a historic village of Stirling with cozy streets and friendly people.

Thorngrove Manor Hotel – how to find

Thorngrove is 35 minutes ‘ drive from Adelaide international airport. It is advisable to call and announce their visit in advance to check availability, as the cheapest is $780.

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