The most expensive resorts in the world

In French Polynesia to get far and long from almost anywhere in the world, but it’s worth it. It was here, far from civilization, there are luxury resorts, Islands and beaches as if from advertising “bounty” – “exit to Eden”. Being the most beautiful island in the Pacific ocean and, of course, the most beautiful lagoon in the world Bora Bora boasts calm waters, coral gardens and flying between them, like demons, magical rays. On this island, known for not only its pristine nature but also the relative hedonism, jagged peaks of volcanoes harmoniously with the crystal clear water coves.

Like a cunning tempter, the island attracts a whole set of expensive epicurean temptations. Here are the best and most expensive hotels in all of French Polynesia, combining national Polynesian style and Western trendiness. Villa hotels, usually built directly into waters of the lagoon and interconnected walkways, Breakfast and fresh flowers brought into the room on the boat. To observe marine life, without even leaving the Bungalow: in the floor is a transparent insert, through which perfectly visible passing directly under you fish. If you want more study of the seabed, it is not necessary to go far: in the standard list of needed items for guests of the bungalows comes with a set of snorkeling. Luxury hotels Bora Bora can arrange for its guests themed evenings, dinners under the stars, picnics on secluded Islands. One night in a similar hotel will cost $ 800, and a massage at the Spa – $ 264.

Once you get bored with Paradise and want something stronger than a Pina colada in a hammock under a palm tree, is to go to another island of French Polynesia – Moorea, where you can feed the sharks with your own hands. In addition, the island is famous for its pristine lagoons where you can swim without fear of sharks, and crystal-white sand beaches.

Moorea is shaped like a heart, and, apparently, this whim of nature made him one of the most popular places for weddings and honeymoons. The Polynesians belong to the wedding very tenderly and with great respect, although local ceremony will have no legal force: no attorney shall validate the document, written on the bark of a palm tree. However, it is very beautiful and romantic: Polynesian girls the bride will dress according to local custom and decorate the newlyweds Tiare flowers. Choose colors, size, and color can tell Polynesians about character, social status and mood of a person.

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