The most expensive hotels in the world

People are different, with special tastes and habits, and moreover, with different financial capabilities. That is why requirements to rest and placement depending on this will vary greatly.

For a person with an average income is enough room constantly cleaned, and it should have a comfortable bed and well appointed bathroom, TV, air conditioning and usual for the achievement of human progress. But for wealthy people that clearly will not be enough. To ensure their queries are the most expensive hotels in the world, which has a large number. Will try to create a line of leaders.

But we will consider only the most expensive rooms in the most expensive hotels. The most expensive hotels in the world will be available to very wealthy people, for whom it is not only a luxury, but a necessity, a symbol of prestige and special status.

The most expensive hotel in the world — Grand Resort Lagonissi

Grand Resort Lagonissi

For your stay at Royal Villa will have to pay about fifty thousand dollars a night. It is located near Athens, Greece.

In suites for the very rich will find everything you can only imagine: individual heated pool, the sauna, the beach for the visitor Suite, excellent sea views, bogoliubovo, personal chef, a Butler, a pianist, and so on.

We now proceed to the consideration of the main line of leaders.

The line of leaders

In Las Vegas takes its guests to the hotel, the accommodation will cost about forty thousand dollars for the night. We are talking about Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at Palms Casino Resort.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at Palms Casino Resort

The hotel is decorated in the style of a fashionable playboy.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in the style of playboy

The service will include Butler; a bed that rotates, a glass ceiling. Special attention is attracted to the lavish double Jacuzzi tub, which protrudes in the form of console over Las Vegas.

The following line in the rating “the Most expensive hotels in the world” is the Ty Warner Penthouse (Four Seasons) in new York, which during the night will need to pay about thirty four thousand dollars.

Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons

The most expensive Suite is located on the top floor of the tallest skyscraper in Manhattan. Therefore, visitors can enjoy simply breathtaking views of the city. Windows are from floor to ceiling, and fasten them around the entire room, consisting of nine rooms.

The view from the hotel, Ty Warner Penthouse

The walls in the room covered with gold and platinum products. The Suite includes private Butler service.

The next line in the rating of the hotel President Wilson Hotel and its Royal Penthouse Suite, which is located in Geneva.

Royal Penthouse Suite Hotel President Wilson Hotel

For stays in it during the day will need to pay around thirty three thousand dollars. The Suite is very quiet and calm. It consists of four bedrooms and a cocktail bar for forty people.

In the middle of the rating “the Most expensive hotels in the world” is Bridge Suite (The Atlantis) on Paradise island (Bahamas). Accommodation will cost about twenty-five thousand per night.

The Atlantis Bridge Suite

The Suite includes ten rooms. It is called “bridge” because it occupies the space between the connecting towers in the hotel.

The Interior Of The Bridge Suite The Atlantis

Next in the list is domestic the Ritz-Carlton Suite at The Ritz-Carlton hotel,which is located in Moscow.

Ritz-Carlton Suite in Moscow

For the accommodation it will need to pay eighteen thousand dollars for one night.

In the Suite, two thousand five hundred square meters. It has: heated floors, a piano, an extensive library, a magnificent view of the Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red square. In addition, there is almost everything you can imagine.

Seventh place is occupied by the Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab, located in Dubai.

Royal Suite at Burj Al Arab

The night will cost about eighteen thousand dollars.

In the Suite the entire surface is covered with marble floors, furniture — mahogany. The bedroom has a quadruple revolving bed. For the visitor will be offered the best of everything – excellent cosmetics and perfumery, private lift and cinema. At a minimum the same fee you will take advantage of a rolls Royce with chauffeur or helicopter.

The next place in the line of leaders is the Royal Armleder Suite in Le Richemond (Geneva).

Royal Armleder Suite at Le Richemond

Accommodation for the night will cost seventeen thousand dollars. It is located on the seventh floor is decorated with mosaics, gold and unique flooring.

The Interior Of The Royal Armleder Suite Le Richemond

There will be three hundred square meters, a huge terrace and a unique view of the Alps and Geneva.

In the city of lovers Paris is the Royal Suite at Four Seasons George V

Royal Suite Four Seasons George V

The price will be about sixteen thousand dollars per night. The hotel rooms are only two. Both are furnished with Antiques and very expensive furniture. Each room has a separate bathroom for guests, a sauna, a private office and a kitchen. The room has about two thousand square meters.

In tenth place is the Imperial Suite in Park Hyatt-Vendôm (Paris).

Imperial Suite at Park Hyatt-Vendôm

The price will cost fifteen thousand dollars. In the Suite: high ceilings, bar, kitchen, dining room, sauna and Spa pool.

The interior of the Imperial Suite in Park Hyatt-Vendôm

In addition, pay attention to the official timeline. So, the most expensive hotel in the world, which entered the Guinness Book of world records, this is the “Burj Al Arab”. Complex architectural structure was created specially for this purpose artificial island.

Due to the complex decision of a designer hotel, in appearance very similar to the sail that flutters in the wind.

Accommodation it will cost about eight hundred dollars, without Board. It’s a normal room. The luxury suites will cost much higher.

Burj Al Arab

But this is the hotel that the Guinness Book of world records identified as the most expensive. But, as practice shows, and the above rating, there are more expensive hotels where the room will cost many times more.


Of course, the presented list is not complete. Because of the most expensive hotels in the world, considerably more. Therefore, every wealthy person will be able to choose for themselves what will be able to fully meet all needs.

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