The hotels chain Concorde Hotels & Resorts

Ideally placed in the heart of major world cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cannes, London, nice, Paris, Prague and Tokyo-Concorde hotels Hotels & Resorts shared a common commitment to excellence, the symbol of the exclusive hotels. In a luxurious and authentic setting emphasizes the uniqueness of each city with ultimate comfort, coupled with the best culinary traditions. Welcome to the world of craftsmanship and art of French living.

Concorde Hotels & Resorts (a group company Groupe du Louvre ) operates a family of fully different hotels (Hotel de Crillon. Hotel Lutetia, Hotel du Louvre. Concorde La Fayette. Concorde Montparnasse. Hotel Martinez. Palais de la Méditerranée ), as well as five hotels leased from third parties (Hotel Concorde Saint-Lazare, Concorde Berlin. Hotel de la Paix Geneva. Hotel de la Cité Concorde Lyon. Villa Massalia Concorde Marseille). Concorde Hotels & Resorts offers services on sales, marketing and distribution network consisting of 18 hotel branches around the world.

The history of the company Concorde Hotels & Resorts

The formation of the group Concorde Hotels & Resorts dates back to 1855, when Baron Haussmann commissioned Emile and Isaac Pereire to build the Grand Hôtel du Louvre the occasion of the Universal exhibition in 1889. In the same year, Alfred Sosar co-founded the Spotlight, Solar and company, a clothing store located on the first floor of the building, which housed the hotel. Gradually the company Alfred Sochara has grown and prospered. Renamed Mall of the Louvre, it was one of the biggest and famous shops of the time. Thus, the hotel was moved to the neighboring building, where he is to this day: it’s the Hotel du Louvre. prestigious branch of the group Concorde Hotels & Resorts.

After the opening of Hôtel Terminus Saint-Lazare (today known as the Hotel Concorde Saint-Lazare), built to take the flow of visitors expected at the Universal exhibition, the Mall of the Louvre has received the name “Société du Louvre”.

In 1906 the group Société du Louvre has begun to implement one of the most prestigious projects – the restoration of Hotel de Crillon. private mansion, which she turned into one of the most world-renowned hotels.

In 1954, the shareholders of the company, which is now quoted on the stock exchange, was invited by Pierre Taittinger, descendant of a famous family, known primarily because of its champagne, to take in hand the management of the company as its CEO. In 1973, guy Taittinger established the group Concorde Hotels & Resorts, bringing together all the prestigious hotels of the group. In the ’80s and’ 90s, the group continued its development and has expanded. To date, Louvre Hotels (hotel direction Société du Louvre) consists of four companies and is the largest hotel group in Europe.

In 2005, Starwood Capital Group acquired Société du Louvre and all of its affiliates, including the Company production of Baccarat crystal. Group Starwood Capital is one of the most active and successful among investment companies in the real estate market in the world. Her portfolio is very diverse and includes more than $ 15.9 billion of real estate assets.

Starwood Capital group has provided a dynamic for Concorde Hotels and Resorts, in pursuit of a bold ambition to meet the demands and expectations of the most discerning tourists and businessmen. Today, Concorde Hotels and Resorts is an international network of four-and five-star hotels that are distinguished by their exceptional location and architecture. The company has, manages, and represents more than 35 hotels worldwide, including:

Hotel de Crillon. Paris – listed among the most luxurious hotels in the world in the last hundred years; he is the prestigious temple of hospitality management, craftsmanship and the art of living “in French”

Hotel Lutetia is located in the heart of literary and artistic Paris

Hotel du Louvre is an outstanding example of architecture of the Second Empire

Hotel Martinez, the legendary hotel on the côte d’azur of France, built in the Art Deco style

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