Scottish castle, built in the XIX century

The Scottish government intends to give castle Tamut under a new six-star hotel for tourists. This castle, built in the XIX century, is famous because it is here that spent their honeymoon Britain’s Queen Victoria and her consort Prince albert. The opening of the hotel could be held within six months, according to British media, and this will be one of the most unique places in Scotland.

Tamut castle enjoys a scenic location Perthshire. At the moment, is already being reconstructed old buildings, and the plans of the developer, the hotel will welcome its first visitors in early fall. It is planned that the Royal Palace will be willing to provide apartments for the “time-share” — rent for a certain period. Thus, everyone will be able “to buy a part of the castle”.

The project of reconstruction of the castle into a hotel for about ten years. In 2004, the Council area of Perth and Kinross approved the initiative of reconstruction of the building into a hotel with an inventory of 150 units. The works were suspended in 2006, and in 2009 the company declared bankruptcy and reconstruction of the castle was postponed indefinitely.

Now the project is a new developer – a former police inspector Robin Barrasford. According to him, he playroulettemost in the reconstruction of the historic castle more than 4 million euros. The restoration of the castle has already allocated about 29 million euros. Barrasford already has successful experience with similar projects around the world. One of his last projects were two of a historical castle located in France. Barrasford sure that the new project will help to solve the problem of employment of local population in the plans from the developer to recruit staff of local residents and Scottish descent. It is expected that the new hotel will also have its own restaurant, which will invite top chefs, marked by the authoritative Michelin guide.

The Barrasford notes that have never seen a project like this, and the castle and its surroundings are a great place to create a new exclusive hotel of the highest standard. The developer declares that in six months the castle will receive its first guests and Playground for the game of Golf will be ready at the end of March.

In the main part of the castle will be 13 apartments, which is already undergoing restoration. After finishing work in the main part of the castle workers will be engaged Eastern wing, where it is expected to create 42 rooms, which will be sold by the “time-share”.

According to the developer, this system is already successfully operates in the U.S., and he hopes for travellers in Scotland, it would also be very convenient. It is assumed that rent of apartments by the “timeshare” will cost about 38,7 thousand euros per month.

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