Press tour, Natalie tours on the Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is the Spanish coast of the sun

Costa Del Sol – coast of the southern region proud Spanish beauty of Andalusia. This is the kilometres-long beach created by nature, to indulge in the sunshine couples, to entertain children and sand castles to tire of visiting surfers shrew wave.

Making plans for vacation, I asked a standard question: what will the heart calm down, racked workdays? Lazy “vegetable” layout on the beach? Adventurous walks on the resort brodway, in anticipation of a romantic rendezvous? Impressions independent but adventurous excursions? The direction I knew for a long time – a passionate and hot Spain, not so mastered by the fellow countrymen as its Northern region, Catalonia.

Pomarici, I decided to trust the professionals and went to the Agency “Natalie tours”, where the wise virgin scattered cards and half an hour charted my path in the form of the concept of the tour on the Costa del Sol and confirmation e-ticket to málaga. All requests will be considered.

Torremolinos: bars, restaurants, souvenir shops

Debut release registration was held in a lovely modern Hotel MS Amaragua. Torremolinos, one of the resort centrocot del Sol, entertained me for four days kindly providing the sun and cool elastic waves of the Mediterranean sea. The beach and the hotel shared pedestrian walkway lined with bars, restaurants, shops, souvenir stalls, is the place of evening promenade tourists.

To the city centre, which is located on a hill reachable on foot (which is tedious) or by bus. Nail city pedestrian program – pedestrian street San Miguel, abounding retail outlets and from 10 a.m. to 2-3 a.m., except for Siesta (roughly 13 to 17 hours), filled with people. There is no hurry to get around souvenir shops, occasionally looking in the coffee shop or “bodega” (wine cellars) to taste the famous Malaga wine and eat “tapas” – a mini-sandwich, skewers, canapés, seafood in batter.

Mijas: luxury panorama and bullfighting

The town of Mijas is an hour away by bus from Torremolinos. So that tourists could enough admire the encouraging panorama of the town, there is equipped Playground with spectacular views. A Parking point for the donkeys carrying tourists up and down the historic part of Mijas. A donkey, a humble worker and hero of the region, there is the emblem of the town and even immortalized in bronze.

Stroll through the charming city Park, I decided to learn a real Bullring and, carefully looking around every corner, walked around the building. The locals are proud of it – a modest, small, with whitewashed walls. The show on Sunday. But I did not go to him anyway. Although in the veins of the Torero and their rivals-the bulls flowing very hot blood, put it for the amusement of the audience – a dubious entertainment.

Malaga: Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas

A day later I was waiting for the provincial capital Malaga. The first thing I went to the Museum of Pablo Picasso, the most famous native of Malaga and the founder of cubism, recognized as a great strange talent. In the Museum in the Palace with the beautiful name BUENAVISTA, houses about 200 of his paintings and sculptural works. The guide explained that inspired the artist to create a mysterious abstractions all his 92 years of life: the beloved women, the number seven, each of which he repeatedly imprinted on their creations.

To eat guide took us to a tapas cafe Bodegas El Pimpi (“to come across all celebrities, if staying in town!”). Cafe on the wall among photos, I recognized a picture of Antonio Banderas. “Our city is his homeland,” reported the smiling guide. Then, armed with a camera, I walked around the city, capturing the Cathedral, Roman theatre, Arabic Alcazaba Palace, built by the Arabs in the XI century on the ruins of the Roman Bastion. The culmination of the evening was a memorable concert of flamenco in tablao de Diquela: anguished solo singer and passionate dance with the guitars chime.

Marbella: luxury and romance

Having visited Marbella, I learned the true meaning of the expression “Nice to live not forbid”. Once a modest fishing village calls itself the capital of the luxurious life of the coast. White yachts Puerto Banus is the symbols of wealth on display. The local “Golden mile” – the territory of the stars and tycoons, expensive shopping and other glamorama. Quickly tied from a conceited person in the “Gabbana” and “Rolex”, I ran away to the city, where he spent a few happy hours at the beach, which has a string of sculptures of another famous Spaniard, Salvador Dali.

With Torremolinos I said goodbye to a romantic dinner in the restaurant Carretero Puerto in the port of benalmádena, where I was introduced to the local culinary attractions – Golden sardines on skewers and paella with seafood and cuttlefish ink (too heavy for the evening, but what a delicious!).

Antequera: the ruins of a fortress and Golf course

Bright blue car was racing us on a winding road past low mountains and olive groves until the horizon appeared a mountain resembling a human profile (it is called “Indian Face”) and behind it the snow-white town with tiled roofs.

The first thing we enough admire the dolmens of the stone age – the prehistoric tombs of huge boulders. Then went to explore the city, and within a few hours of walk I have found that medieval Antequera there are many reasons to be proud of yourself and the main one local Alcazaba – the fortress ruins on top of a hill. Winding through the streets of the slits, indoor pavement, we arrived to the majestic Church of Saint Carmen, patron Saint of fishermen, visited the arena and the bullfighting Museum. On the night we went to Hotel Convento La Magdalena picturesque spot outside the city, the former monastery of the XVI century with its own Golf course, garden and SPA.

Rhonda: the abyss, the Church and race

In Ronda I stayed a couple of days – three thousand years the city was worth it. Step out onto the balcony rooms at Hotel Don Miguel, I first blinked: below me was a chasm, the bottom of which I could discern the quiet, but turbulent flow. As I later learned, gorge (depth up to 120 meters!) in the centre is called Tahoe, and the river below – Guadalevín.

In the old part of town led to the so-called “New bridge”, and the updated center was located behind the hotel. On the banks of the gorge I found the bullfight arena, a great restaurant Pedro Romero, and even McDonald’s. On the other side was situated the ancient Church, the monastery and the city hall in the square Pedro Perez, the Palace of Mondragon to the archaeological Museum inside the house of San Juan Bosco with traditional courtyard patio, observation deck and garden on the edge of the abyss, the Arab baths and many other picturesque monuments of the past.

After a hearty lunch, the tour guide offered to drive the car, I relaxed a touch of antiquity and a glass of excellent Rioja is not really what I signed up for. I was taken to the racetrack Ascari 10 kilometres from the town and, dressed in special overalls and a helmet, shoved in a racing car next to the driver, who, without waiting until I will breathe out, pulled up, in a second typing to 160 km/h. 5 km remember the bad, but from the car I got absolutely happy.

The final evening we were to have a visit and dinner at the winery of Bodega estate Chinchilla. Now I know what I need to prepare for excellent wine – the sun, mountains, oak barrels and patience. Oh, Rhonda, I promise to you (to you?) return!

To recover from the trip was not easy – and it’s not a five-hour flight, and the yearning for the Sunny shores of Banderas and the homeland of flamenco, Picasso and bullfighting, generously dariuszem me anxious Andalusian sensuality.

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