Unusual hotels in the world size matters

Going on a trip in Russia, no matter where, places to stay in the world’s largest country is more than enough, you would face the task of choosing a suitable hotel to stay. What do you think, what most affects your rest? And the answer is obvious – the hotel, and, preferably, more comfortable and affordable.

The development of hotel business in the post-Soviet territories for the last 20 years has acquired a new look, and this with the ability to learn from the experience of developed countries. The introduction of new technologies and world experience of Russia used very effectively. Although, if you take the overall picture, it is also possible to find hotels with the design and level of service that is reminiscent of the Soviet past of the country. But believe me, these complexes are becoming less popular, as they do not compete with the more modern.

To choose a hotel very carefully. You should consider all the details that are important first and foremost for your vacation. For example, what system provides the power for the guests. As you know now is very common in hotel restaurants world buffet. But he, too, is different, especially for the quality and variety of food. And perhaps you would suit only the Breakfast, since not everyone will want to be “tied” to the hotel all day, assuming a leisure trip during the entire rest time,and in the case of business trips. Continue reading

A journey to haunted hotels

In the world there are so many interesting places, making a journey in which you can learn a lot of useful information. Take, for example, the pyramids of Egypt – who can challenge their historical and cultural significance. Or, suppose, we arrived in Italy, say to the Colosseum, this is a masterpiece of world importance – as the saying goes, eat, what to see and what to touch.

Take a trip to those who can’t leave

But lately the tourists was this little, I mean a trip to historical sites or relax on the beach. For these tourists, the enterprising owners of hotels, came up with, but it can and actually is, the hotel is haunted. And it’s true, if you think about the hotel room, then you have seen in my lifetime is that some people, even in dreams never occurred. Adding here a bit of psychology, we can assume that something spiritual could stay in the rooms, after some bright events happened in them. It now remains to make a top 10 list of hotels with ghosts and offer it to extremes, to enable them accurately to make reservations in such hotels. Continue reading

Santorini hotels Maison Des Lys Luxury Suites

Accommodation in Santorini – Luxury suites in Santorini Akrotiri Suites honeymoon in Santorini hotel

The hotel offers a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea with the Islands volcanic lava and Fira, Imerovigli and Oia. Hotel Maison Des Lys in Santorini boasts 15 suites, each built and decorated with elegance and comfort, making the hotel the most luxurious on the island of Santorini, Greece.

Guests can choose between such types of rooms as Junior Suite, large Suite and super Deluxe. Each room offers a beautiful view from the window, has a variety of amenities and all rooms are filled with such a romantic atmosphere, which can only be found in Maison Des Lys in Santorini, in one of the best hotels on the Caldera in Santorini, Greece.

Newlyweds can spend a wonderful romantic honeymoon in the Santorini Caldera, in a cozy and comfortable luxury suites at Maison des Lys in Santorini. Continue reading

The most unusual hotels in Australia

Ah, Australia – the poet’s dream. Nature, diversity of attractions and mystique of the distant continent seem so romantic!

But if you want to not only dream, but also to visit the continent, you need to do at least three things: to get a visa, buy tickets and choose a hotel.

This place truly unique. Here you can enjoy complete privacy with nature. Here you will not find a single other guest – system of the hotel guarantees absolute blackout from the outside world and gives you an unforgettable time alone with yourself or your company.

Its doors Thorngrove Manor Hotel opened in 1984. Since that time, a small luxury hotel welcomes guests with special fairy spirit.

It all started with the fact that Kenneth Lehmann decided to create a unique art venue with a romantic nature. Is to inspire visitors and take them to the fantasy world. Continue reading

Press tour, Natalie tours on the Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is the Spanish coast of the sun

Costa Del Sol – coast of the southern region proud Spanish beauty of Andalusia. This is the kilometres-long beach created by nature, to indulge in the sunshine couples, to entertain children and sand castles to tire of visiting surfers shrew wave.

Making plans for vacation, I asked a standard question: what will the heart calm down, racked workdays? Lazy “vegetable” layout on the beach? Adventurous walks on the resort brodway, in anticipation of a romantic rendezvous? Impressions independent but adventurous excursions? The direction I knew for a long time – a passionate and hot Spain, not so mastered by the fellow countrymen as its Northern region, Catalonia.

Pomarici, I decided to trust the professionals and went to the Agency “Natalie tours”, where the wise virgin scattered cards and half an hour charted my path in the form of the concept of the tour on the Costa del Sol and confirmation e-ticket to málaga. All requests will be considered. Continue reading

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