The most expensive hotels

The world is no surprise five star hotels in the most exotic locations. But there are some rooms that will not be able to afford even some monarchs.

A list of these hotels is headed by the “President Wilson”, located in Switzerland. The most expensive room in the hotel costs per day of 41 000 dollars. For the money You get at the complete disposal of the Imperial Suite, occupying the entire floor of the building. On the area of 1200 square meters has four bedrooms and five bathrooms with Jacuzzi, library, billiard room, terrace with a fountain and several Lounges. A special service around the clock ensures the safety of guests, among which are often found to Royal family. Bulletproof glass in the room offer magnificent views over lake Geneva, the Alps and Mont Blanc.

Followed by the most expensive hotel in new York “Mandarin Oriental” opened about a year ago. The cost of the presidential Suite is over $ 12,000 per night. Continue reading

An unusual hotel in Sweden

Very strange hotel in Sweden

With the development of business, many of our citizens received the opportunity to apply their dreams and ideas. However, if you have the desire to start their own business, but with an abundance of ideas, the situation did not work out, then we offer you the following option.

The essence of the idea

Swedish entrepreneurs are invited to indulge in fact, the option of creating a hotel for the homeless. At first glance, everything is simple, but it is not a special place to stay homeless. The fact that this hotel provides a unique opportunity for everyone to try extreme kind of stay in this hotel as… bum!

Who might like such an extraordinary idea? The answer will surprise you – many wealthy citizens, who are tired of luxury, and wish to add to your life of exoticism and adventure. Weird? No you can’t. The idea has caused a furor among the inhabitants of Sweden, and given the large percentage of oligarchy in our country, this activity will become quite popular. Continue reading

Unusual hotels in the world size matters

Going on a trip in Russia, no matter where, places to stay in the world’s largest country is more than enough, you would face the task of choosing a suitable hotel to stay. What do you think, what most affects your rest? And the answer is obvious – the hotel, and, preferably, more comfortable and affordable.

The development of hotel business in the post-Soviet territories for the last 20 years has acquired a new look, and this with the ability to learn from the experience of developed countries. The introduction of new technologies and world experience of Russia used very effectively. Although, if you take the overall picture, it is also possible to find hotels with the design and level of service that is reminiscent of the Soviet past of the country. But believe me, these complexes are becoming less popular, as they do not compete with the more modern.

To choose a hotel very carefully. You should consider all the details that are important first and foremost for your vacation. For example, what system provides the power for the guests. As you know now is very common in hotel restaurants world buffet. But he, too, is different, especially for the quality and variety of food. And perhaps you would suit only the Breakfast, since not everyone will want to be “tied” to the hotel all day, assuming a leisure trip during the entire rest time,and in the case of business trips. Continue reading

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