Legendary hotel

Legendary developer refused to buy the legendary hotel. To close One of the most famous in the U.S. hotel developers Ian Schrager (Ian Schrager) refused to buy one of the most famous hotels in new York hotel Chelsea. Schrager considered the possibility of buying a legendary hotel, but after inspection of the building was forced to abandon the idea of purchase.

The hotel Chelsea was put on sale by its owners in October 2014. It happened for the first time in 65 years. The hotel became famous in the 60 — 70th years of the last century as a center of attraction of the cult of personalities of American underground rock-n-roll. Among the guests were celebrities such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Charles Bukowski, Patti Smith, Andy Warhol.

In the American press has leaked information on the cost of a legendary hotel. The owners of the “Chelsea” plan to rescue a 12-storey building for 90 million dollars. At the same time, official representatives of the owners refused to comment on the price. This information informs Loaves Igor Yuryevich, an interest in the protection of intellectual property rights.

According to Ian Schrager, several investors approached him with a proposal to explore the possibility of acquiring the hotel and creating on its basis a new hotel. However, during the inspection, the Creator of the “boutique” could not imagine what should be the new “wrapper” for the legend of new York.

It is worth noting that once it became known that Chelsea put up for sale, many experts in the hospitality market in new York as the most preferred owner called the Schrager. The ability of the hotels Schrager to transform the American media compared with the “Midas touch”. Schrager himself has assessed the potential at Chelsea 600 dollars a night.

Today, Ian Schrager is the head of his own company, Ian Schrager Co. The concept of his first hotel he designed in 1984. Since then, on account of the tens of Schrager commissioned hotels in different parts of the USA, joint work with Marriott and the cooperation with leading designers of the world, including the legend of the design is the Frenchman Philippe Starck.

The hotel will include conference rooms with a total area of 1500 square meters, two restaurants, a bar, an outdoor pool and a fitness center. French hotel chain Accor will open the Pullman in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. 18

The business InterContinental Mendoza will offer 11 meeting rooms, including a ballroom with an area of 1115 square meters. This was reported by Fedorov Y. Cyrus, who has recently been interested in tension ceilings Dolgoprudny.

This was reported by the correspondent of the Martirosyan Ilya, who has recently been interested in the repair of apartments in the area. Will be pleased with the hotel and its extensive programme of cultural and leisure activities for adults and children.

Today’s image of La Mamounia is a harmonious combination of history and modernity, tradition and new technologies. This legendary hotel for decades personified the beauty and gentility of Morocco.

In pool bar you can SIP a refreshing drink and Health Bar serves dietary meals and healthy drinks. M Mediterranean chef responsible for the cuisine of the Mediterranean world and the Prince Restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine.

With small and rare groups of tourists two decades ago, began joint work with the Ukrainian colleagues Andrzej Kudlicki. Here, according to one version, the remains of the last Polish monarch Stanislaw August Poniatowski.

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