Interesting and unusual hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam — city travelers who also need housing. We have collected the top ten unique hotels, which passed the others in pursuit of a client.

Hotel “By Faralda Crane”

On the North side of the Bay Hey, on the territory of the former shipyard NDSM shipbuilding company is port crane. You can get there for free in ten minutes by ferry from Amsterdam Central station. This bright red with yellow and gray accents the tap TV Studio and hotel. His three fantasy Suite — “Free spirit” (35 meters), the “Secret” (40 meters) and “Mysticism” (45 meters) have a futuristic finish and boasts a gorgeous view.

On top of the crane, you can soak in a Jacuzzi outdoors, or bungee-jumping.

Designers from the Amsterdam fashion Institute was punished to dress up a 61 room hotel, “” Exchange, “as models” — in a ridiculous and wonderful clothes — from the huge buttons and images from the pages of a fashion magazine cotton creations to tailor and white collars from the Rembrandt. And all this with fabrics, specially fabricated by the Dutch textile Museum in Tilburg. Rooms range from small and discreet to spacious halls, but all of them have private bathrooms. More expensive rooms overlook the cultural center “Beurs van Berlage” hence the name of the hotel, its cafe called”Stock” and electronic boutique “Options” .

The design of the hotel “Droog” was created by the team who work with designers, helping them to create their creations and sell them to the people. His signature is this surreal purity is manifested not only in the objects of everyday life, but in the Studio, the exhibition in the gallery, tea room and fabulous garden with a giant mushroom made of wood, and the sunflower wire mesh. On the top floor “Droog” are apartments with private bathrooms (included with design tanks for hot water and lamps-hangers), kitchen island, great views over the rooftops.

Around the corner of the former gas plant, now part of the cultural complex Westergasfabriek and Westerpark green space, is a miniature octagonal water tower, which is now a hotel. This little tower, built in 1897 as one of the water works of Amsterdam, is located in the middle of the square. Several local residents saved the historic building to show it to their neighbors and visitors to the town. Vintage and contemporary Dutch designer items decorate the kitchen and dining room in the basement, living room upstairs and a bathroom on the top floor. The bedroom is in the attic under the original lattice ceiling made of wood.

Labyrinthine “Lloyd” was built as a hotel for migrants in the 1920s, a wide river Hey. Then it became a prison, jail, design Studio, until he turned into the world’s first “from one to five stars” hotel (the cheapest rooms have shared bathrooms). It preserved its original art Deco, but the rooms are ultra-modern elements of design. In addition to the multi-storey exhibition devoted to the history of the building, is a “cultural Embassy” has a wonderful cafe, a library with a bunch of chairs, and regularly holds art exhibitions and events.

Passenger ship “Avanti”

The hotel-ship “Avanti” is moored in the Maritime quarter of the city, directly opposite the science Museum “NEMO”. It has 15 cozy, clean cabins with two single berths and wash basins (bathrooms are shared). For communication there is an open terrace and a saloon that serves Breakfast living aboard Dave and Annie.

Prefer a floating hotel? The property — a large four-deck ship with 175 budget accommodation in the step from the pier for free ferry to/from Central station and with its own swim-up bar/restaurant. If the weather lets you relax on the sun terrace, the bar has a pool table, Darts, jukebox and, most importantly, pinball.

Hidden behind old stone gates, 17th-century (this is the only that remains of the former theatre) the exquisite boutique hotel “Dylan” is located along the Keizersgracht canal. Its courtyard filled with topiary figures. Custom furniture like a silver and mother-of-pearl cabinets, decorated with 40 individually decorated regular and Deluxe rooms (some of which are double). The Dylan restaurant awarded Michelin stars.

House boat “Ms Luctor”

House boat “Ms Luctor” is a romantic water sanctuary, built in 1913, is moored in the picturesque canal in the Western Islands, five minutes walk from one of the most charming areas of Amsterdam — Jordan. The boat on the environmentally friendly solar powered includes two-bedroom apartments with a separate bedroom, it also has a steering wheel. Additional features include riding on two bikes and canoe for the research channel, as well as a healthy Breakfast.

The Hotel “Conservatorium”

Opposite the concert hall of the Royal Concertgebouw orchestra in Amsterdam near Museum square is a luxurious neo-Gothic building that was originally a Bank and later became municipal music Conservatory (now it is situated near the Central railway station). His last incarnation — a luxury hotel “Conservatorium” 129 rooms consisting of glass and steel connecting the brick walls of the 19th century, thousands of square meters, which features a fitness centre and a Spa. It is the largest hotel in Amsterdam. A tribute to the musical past of the building gives small design from dozens of suspended violins.

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