In Kenya has created an unusual hotel

Today we will go to Africa. Lovers of wild nature and exotic places to stay definitely will appeal to the Kenyan hotel Giraffe Manor, which together with its associated Giraffe Centre nursery serving as a refuge for endangered Rothschild giraffes, and operates a breeding program for them. It is located in the suburbs of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, in the South-Western part of the state.

The main highlight of the hotel is unusual – the chance to spend the day in the company of a beautiful long-necked creatures that continually strive to prudently look into open Windows and doors, hoping to get a generous helping of treats before returning to his forest preserve. Spotted guests will never refuse to taste the offered food and in gratitude gladly kiss their breadwinners.

Giraffe Manor is one of the most iconic buildings in Nairobi with a green garden, sun terrace and a delightful patio. Total area of hotel complex is about 12 hectares of private land, surrounded by 57 acres of pristine forest in prigorodnaja on the outskirts of the Kenyan capital.

The estate was designed and built by Scottish hunting Lodge in 1932 by sir David Duncan . the genus Mackintosh, known for its confectionery trademark Mackintosh”s Toffee. The estate is situated on 61 hectares of land near the southern border of Nairobi. The whole appearance of the hotel returns its guests to the distant 30s, when European adventurers flocked to East Africa to enjoy African Safari. The majestic facade and elegant English interiors Giraffe Manor gives a special attraction.

In 1960 the estate was acquired by a local investor, who has to rent it out. a number of people until it became unfit for use. In 1974 the estate and much of the land passed into the hands of the famous animal advocates, hereditary nobleman Jock Leslie and his wife Betty Leslie-Melville . often called “zhirafi lady” and whose work to save the endangered Rothschild giraffe has become known throughout the world. Most of his life Betty spent in Kenya, while protecting and enhancing the populations of this species. Shortly after the purchase of the estate the couple learned that the only habitat of Rothschild’s giraffes in Kenya is in danger due to the acquisition of the Kenyan government 73 square m of land in the Soi, near the town of Eldoret, for transfer to private ownership under the HOMESTEAD land. The purchase of land would inevitably lead to the section on farming and the imminent death of the giraffes. Naturally, Betty decided to intervene in this tragic situation. Although Giraffe Manor was home to three giraffes, Tom, dick and Harry, Leslie-Melville has agreed to take on another cub, giving him the name Daisy. About her Betty in the future will write a book, which made the film “the Last Giraffe” (Giraffe Last). Then the company Daisy amounted to another brother, Marlon, named after Marlon Brando . Since then, the Giraffe Manor has positioned itself as an orphanage for Rothschild giraffes and began to actively participate in the breeding program to increase their numbers in the wild.

A few years later, the couple established the estate nursery Giraffe Centre, which is now visited by more than 100,000 people a year. It is run by the African Fund for endangered wildlife (AFEW), established by Jock Leslie in 1972, which to this day continues to protect and nurture endangered animals. Its expanse of Rothschild’s giraffes are bred and returned to the wild to ensure the conservation of endangered species. Traditionally, Pets are named after people who made a significant contribution to the development Fund.

In 1983, the management of Giraffe Manor Betty Leslie-Melville gave the son from his first marriage, Rick Anderson . often returning there to visit their long-necked Pets. Rick moved to the estate with his wife bryony and a year later they opened its door for travellers as a hotel, where guests could feed the giraffes, looking into their bedroom Windows, the dining room or through the front door. In those days it quickly became very popular and often appeared on the pages of travel magazines. It was visited by many famous people, including Brooke shields , Richard Chamberlain . Marlon Brando . Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall .

In March 2009, the Giraffe Manor was bought couple, Mike and Tanya Carr-Hartley . which grew near the estate and had the most warm feelings towards living in it’s beautiful creatures. Their family for many generations were engaged in the protection of animals, and when the estate was put up for sale, the couple immediately realized that it was a lucky chance to honor the lesson of their ancestors.

In Giraffe Manor inhabited by about 10 giraffes. Animal lovers close enough will be able to mingle with Rothschild giraffes, which are very friendly to people. They can be seen strolling the grounds or peering into the window to draw the attention of guests and get treats. All visitors can feed the long-necked beggars special feed, which they prudently left in every room the owners. Due to their size they easily look down on the second floor of the building where there are bedrooms, and in the morning guests can expect a unique opportunity to see in the window of the room his big head and cute giraffe.

A five-star hotel Giraffe Manor has at its disposal ten colonial-style rooms, eight superior rooms and two standard. Each one is named after a significant individual to the estate of the individual, equipped with a luxurious bathroom and elegant furniture. One of the suites, called Karen Blixen . decorated with belongings of the famous writer, who has long lived in the suburbs of Nairobi and dedicated to this period are some of his creations.

The cost of accommodation in the hotel Giraffe Manor depending on the room category ranges from 485 to 510 USD per day. The price includes meals, most beverages including alcohol, Laundry, entrance fees to the nursery Giraffe Centre, Shuttle service, excursions to the suburbs of Karen, in which lived the famous Karen Blixen and the suburb of Langata. In the nursery along with live giraffes hyenas, antelopes, warthogs and about 200 species of birds. Within the hotel complex there is a rear patio area where they normally serve Breakfast, lunch and dinner. In house restaurant serves only hotel guests, but during lunch and dinner, when the animals wander a few meters from the guests, a surcharge to the meal and open to all. On the estate there is access to Wi-Fi.

All proceeds from the hotel go to charity Fund AFEW.

Peak attendance at Giraffe Manor accounts for the period from December to March, so book a room at this time should be at least six months. From 1 April to 30 may, the hotel is closed.

To reach the hotel Giraffe Manor, located 20 kilometers from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, from international airport, Jomo Kenyatta (34 km) or from Wilson airport (19 km), which receives domestic flights. Transfers from the airport free of charge organised by the hotel staff.

We continue to look for articles about amazing architecture and design decisions, and just such awesome stories as a Breakfast to the hotel with giraffes!

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