Hotels with ghosts for fans of the paranormal

In every country there is always a hotel, according to guests, there’s a Ghost. The story of the Ghost is linked to the mysterious death or murder, and another — with tragic love etc. Usually ghosts are friendly, but there are also those who would like to scare hotel guests. However, hotels, even evil ghosts are popular. it attracts lovers of the paranormal.

The Ahwahnee hotel in California (USA)

Say the spirit of Marie Curry Tressider regularly attends the sixth floor of the hotel, which was built by her husband Donald, Director of Yosemite national Park. The hotel was built in the 1930s. the couple had arranged the evening here and every year at Christmas they would put the show “the Bracebridge Dinner”, where they played the role of landlords. The hotel has a room in which Marie lived until 1970. Everything here reminds of Mrs. Tressider: above the bed there are two lamps in the shape of hands. The light from electric candles and then goes out so the guests feel as if Marie is in the room.

The second mystical story associated with the hotel John F. Kennedy. In 1962, U.S. President stayed at the Ahwahnee hotel and asked to bring in economer rocking chair. Since then, it inexplicably appears on the third floor and every time the stewards have to carry the chair into place.

Now it is a luxurious hotel that has all the conditions. A night here will cost up to 439 1 039 USD. The rooms offer magnificent views over mount Half dome and Yosemite falls.

Castle hotel Rochecotte in the Loire valley (France)

Guests are sure that this place is cursed and it is visited by the spirits of the dead. The history of the castle Rochecotte is associated with unhappy love 80-year-old Prince Talleyrand to 40-year-old Madame de Dino, wife of his nephew (it is also known as the Countess of Perigord, and the Princess Dorothea). Each of them was married, they wanted to be together, but couldn’t do on moral principles. Now their ghosts roam the castle in search of each other.

Now this all-Suite hotel. The total area of the plot is 20 hectares, the castle is surrounded by the Bourgueil vineyards. Luxurious rooms, fine French cuisine will please any guest.

The Fairmont Banff Springs in Alberta (Canada)

The history of the hotel, which was built in 1888 in the centre of the canadian National Park of Banff, linked with the destiny of Sam Macaulay, one of the bellhop of the hotel. In 1978 he retired, but could not bear the separation from his beloved work and died. Visitors of the hotel claim that he’s still there “working”. The friendly Ghost will help you open the door if you have lost your key, show you the way or try to bring things, but it immediately evaporates as soon as you hand him the tip or ask for help.

Castle hotel Frontenac in Quebec city (Canada)

This castle was named after the French military commander Louis de Buade, the count de Frontenac. For some time he was Governor of New France. His Ghost appears on the territory of the hotel and sits with a sad face on the windowsill. According to one version, the reason was the story with his bride. Before the death of the Earl wanted his heart sent to his beloved in Europe, but she returned the precious cargo back to Quebec. Since then, many believe that the count walks at night around the hotel and looking for your favorite.

The Groveland hotel in California (USA)

The story of a small provincial hotel in the town of Groveland linked to the Ghost of an old miner Lila, who was found dead in room 15. He was a very strange man, sleeping with a box of dynamite under the bed. Tell guests that a Ghost likes to fool around. They complain that the table is constantly lost things, and female cosmetics are recurrent in the sink. Lyle was very neat, loved to be washed, so now he habitually turns on and off the taps in the shower, scaring guests.

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