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Interesting information about hotels in the Maldives

Maldive exotic view of coral Islands on the equator and fascinates tourists. They are like scattered pearls, covered with tropical vegetation, emerge from the endless horizon of the Indian ocean. The most beautiful hotels in the Maldives are situated on the Islands. Surrounded by beaches of white sand they stand out vividly on the background of emerald green rainforest and blue sky.

Hotels are waiting for tourists

Upon arrival, the happy owners round will be sent in comfortable hotels, pre-booked campaign TEZ TOUR, nothing to worry. The international travel operator TEZ TOUR reliable professional providing high quality services towards foreign tourism guide to the most interesting leisure places in the world.

Hotels Maldives is a well developed infrastructure, restaurants, karaoke, Spa – salons, Wellness centers. The food in the restaurants varied menu, including international, Japanese, Thai cuisine. For families there is a large roomy rooms, children’s water rides and pools. For shopping, souvenir shops.

Hotels working with tour operator TEZ TOUR is distinguished by a high level of European standards. Discreet service in hotels in Maldives all inclusive provides a carefree accommodation provided by the most lakshimikantham conditions.

Best five star hotels in the Maldives

Which hotels to choose for the tourists, after visiting the beach or sightseeing, enjoy a pleasant vacation? The best options – Maldives hotels 5 star . At luxurious hotels, exclusive accommodation options for a superior level of comfort – bungalows, water bungalows, two-bedroom water suites.

Hotel SUN ISLAND RESORT & SPA 5 *is located 100 km from the airport in the South Atoll of the Aria which is the largest island of Maldives. In single-storey individual bungalows modern equipment, appliances, Jacuzzi, swimming pools. For tourists SPA services, numerous water activities, excursions, diving.

KURUMBA MALDIVES 5 * hotel with all inclusive system. The hotel is located in the North malé Atoll, from airport – 3 km away. the Luxury holiday can be spent in a single storey Bungalow of choosing from two types: detached and grouped into blocks. Romantic, secluded getaway in a one-story detached Bungalow is perfect for wedding tours. For a family holiday provided comfortable cottages, which offers 4 rooms with separate entrance.

Modern eye-catching hotel in Maldives 5 star ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA 5, which operates all-inclusive, it is located in the BAA Atoll, from airport 110 km For a relaxing holiday provided with individual bungalows, which are located along the sandy shores on the first page of evergreen exotic plants. Lots of varied entertainment and professional SPA services.

Coastal Bungalow, detached two-floor Bungalow near the shore of the ocean, the water bungalows offers hotel BANDOS ISLAND RESORT 5 * which is located in the North malé Atoll, about 7 km from the airport. The family-run hotel provides the services of qualified nannies, kids health club, swimming pools. Adult karaoke, SPA salon fitness center, beauty salons, restaurants, bars.

LUX* MALDIVES 5 * is located in the South Ari Atoll, 104 km from the airport. In the system of hotel of Maldives all inclusive includes all meals. Drinks provided in a wide variety and without limitation. A popular hotel with individual bungalows with views of lagoon villas with direct access to the beach and villas, standing on stilts and connected to shore and each other by bridges.

Four-star hotels of the highest level

Of all that the Maldives hotels provide 4 stars . KUREDU ISLAND RESORT 4 offers a quiet family holiday. It is in laviani Atoll, 130 km from the airport. On site private villas with Jacuzzi, and a modern air conditioning system. The hotel provides its guests free services – excursions to the neighbouring island or at the request of cruise. Hotels Maldives, 4 star comfort and service that is almost indistinguishable from five-star hotels.

Comfortable budget hotels three star

The hotel FUN ISLAND RESORT 3 in the North Ari Atoll, 72 km from the airport. The hotel has standard rooms available for guests excursions to neighbouring Islands, diving, fishing, active recreation.

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