Hotels haunted

If you don’t believe in ghosts, you will want to stay in one of these hotels to change their minds. First of all, for those who like to tickle nerves, you need to go to the UK, where one can meet a Ghost in every old house. It seems that ghosts from all over the world settled on the island.

Guests Lanhham five star luxury Hotel in London are ghosts. Quite often residents see a white-haired gentleman in the clothes of Edwardian. It occurs, as a rule, in room 333. But who is this Ghost and why he did not find peace, no one knows.

And in the English countryside lives a lot of ghosts. Hotel In Holt. located in Oxfordshire, tourists come in order to choose one of eighty-six comfortable, cosy rooms and see the area. But some of the guests come here because of the ghosts. Say that about 4 years ago in this house brutally killed the owner and his wife. Accused of a crime of a Frenchman, who seduced an honest woman, and that led to the tragedy. Since those early years, the Ghost killer is in the hotel rooms.

In a respectable Selsdon Park hotel UK ostanavlivajutsja Golf, because there are beautiful fields to play. But the building is majestic, with a millennial history, full of secrets. It is believed that this hotel is overpopulated by ghosts. Guests often see a lady in gray. Ghost easily penetrates through the stone wall and suddenly, there in the rooms and corridors. There is a legend that the girl was a maid in the house and after her abandoned pregnant by the son of the owner, she jumped out the window.

In other countries Ghost not too little. Toftaholm Herrgrd – rural hotel in province of Sweden, which like romance, wishing for nature to be alone. However, few know that such a wonderful place had awful dramatic story: a wealthy estate owner was the father of their beautiful daughter. In fateful hour, she met a nice rustic fellow and loved him. The girl’s father did not approve of their relationship and gave her in marriage to another. Lover boy on the wedding day, hanged himself in house in one of the rooms. Since then, his spirit is disturbing guests.

If you want to see the Ghost of the Empress – go to China! Three hours drive from Beijing, in the town of Changsha in the Yangtze river built a huge hotel Yu Shan Fan Dian two hundred twenty rooms. These lands in the past were the possessions of the Royal dynasty. The ruler of Yu Shan so still finds peace and tries to expel aliens. In the Park and in many areas have seen a Ghost.

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