Historic hotel in Istanbul

Tokatlıyan Pera hotel is a historical building on Istiklal street in Istanbul is in a deplorable state and needs urgent restoration. However, the owner is the Armenian Church of “Three altars” in the area Bagolo — refuses to carry out repair and restoration work. Experts on the history of architecture warned that the hotel is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Istanbul, and its destruction means the destruction of the city’s history.

Influential representatives of the Armenian Diaspora Turkey, too, believe that to leave the hotel in its current state, it would be a crime.

Tokatlıyan Pera — the last object from the existing network of hotels, which is owned by the Armenian Diaspora. It was built in 1897. Despite the existence of many plans of reconstruction of the building, “Three Altar” does not permit restoration work.

Now on the lower floors of the hotel are the rooms for the guests, and the premises upper floors are used as shops. Many of the upper floors, where once stood the splendid dome of the building is prohibited due to the fact that there is simply dangerous to walk.

The members of the Armenian Diaspora is puzzled why the building is not owned by one person and could predestinarian TL the Diaspora, are left to the mercy of fate, even if the government gives permission for its reconstruction. However, the owner keeps silent.

The head of another Armenian organization, who asked to remain anonymous, expressed the view that the Church is “Three altars” is afraid of losing its influence and risk the financial well-being. He also said that one reason for failure is that the leadership of the Church receives a steady income from renting out the lower floors of the building.

A specialist in the field of architectural history, Professor Afif Batur said that this hotel is not just a building, but a part of the architectural history of Istanbul, and it must be immediately repaired. It is important that it continued to be used as a hotel, retaining its historic function.

Architect and specialist in restoration Fatma Mercedes notes that the work should be done with great care not to damage the historic character of the building. This is doubly important because the city has already been restoration projects, during which damage was caused to the historic value of the architectural monuments.

Once the hotel Tokatlıyan Pera was the second largest in Istanbul, second only to the famous Pera Palas hotel in the centre of Tepebasi, and had a capacity of 160 rooms. From an architectural point of view, he was one of the most outstanding buildings of the city. The sadder seen as the its current state.

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