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When choosing a hotel, choose a certain lifestyle, at least at the time of vacation. Guests at expensive hotels that is included in the prestigious list of the Leading Hotels of the World, there is no doubt that you need to relax like a king. Otherwise, with the best hotels and will not work, because many of them were built as villas and palaces for a select audience.

Hotel du Palais Biarritz.

The town of Biarritz on the French Atlantic coast is called the “king of beaches and beach of kings”. And this is not an empty play on words. Even in the nineteenth century, when there appeared the Palace of Emperor Napoleon III, he was chosen by the European aristocracy. Luxurious Villa-Palace, built and named in honour of the Emperor’s wife Eugenie. But over time Imperial residence became a hotel for the elite. Now the monogram of NE, combining the names of the Royal couple, is a symbol of the famous Hotel du Palais Biarritz.

Here all reminiscent of a classical Palace style of Napoleon III. The Windows and verandas of the best apartments in the hotel du Palais (called the Imperial Suite) overlooking the Atlantic ocean. In high season (from may to mid-October) this number will cost 1-1,1 thousand euros per day and it should be reserved several months in advance.The suites are equipped with furniture in the Empire style and decorated with antique works of art – as a hundred years ago, when stayed at the hotel, the representatives of the Russian court. Later the hotel became a tradition every fall to give the “Balls of Parsley” in honor of “Russian seasons” by Sergei Diaghilev. Arrange them in the hall du Palais. In memory of former Russian glory, the hotel has Russian-speaking staff. But the Russians here can be a little – the hotel du Palais is still the favorite destination of European aristocracy.

The hotel Eden is considered the most famous and chic in Rome. It has become so popular among foreigners in the early twentieth century that the building had to finish. In the end, Eden was crowned the splendid terrace, which offers stunning views of the Eternal city. La Terrazza of the hotel was a favorite place for an interview with Federico Fellini. But over the years the hotel has acquired a distinct cinematic reputation: stayed here almost all European and Hollywood stars of the first magnitude. A major reconstruction of Eden has undergone a few years ago, and now his apartments meet the highest requirements of “five stars”. New exclusive offer of the hotel was built in modern style two-hundred-meter penthouse with a private Elevator and access to the terrace and the restaurant (3.9 thousand euros per day).

Baur au Lac, Zurich.

The best Zurich hotel is located in the heart of the unofficial capital of Switzerland. Everything is nearby: business area Paraderplatz and the shopping street Bahnhofstrasse, the famous Opera house and concert hall. From the top floor where the fitness center,- beautiful views of lake Zurich. The Baur au Lac has its own historic Park and one of the richest wine cellars in Switzerland.

The hotel, which is more than 150 years, an impeccable reputation. It was assumed that Baur au Lac is a residence for visiting dignitaries, traveling incognito in Switzerland can keep secrets not only of deposits but also the secrets of the richest people in the world. In centuries past at Baur au Lac, stayed for the summer of the Imperial family, countless princes, counts, barons. The hotel Richard Wagner presented the first act of die walküre, and sang by the composer himself, to the accompaniment of Franz Liszt. Here were Marc Chagall, Henry Moore, Anton Rubinstein. The movie stars of Opera and stage, often come in a rich and peaceful Zurich tour, traditionally prefer the Baur au Lac.

The hotel has 125 rooms. Prices starting from 460 up to 2.2 thousand Swiss francs.

Lausanne Palace, Lausanne.

Lausanne, the smallest of the “big five” Swiss cities – travel not just to relax but also to improve health. Wellness programs offered by many, but truly combining business with pleasure is not possible everywhere. The Lausanne Palace is one of the most reputable Spa establishments. It is located in the heart of Lausanne and terraces facing the lake Leman and the Alps visible in the distance.

The hotel is glorified not only by the guests, among whom were kings, princes and princesses. Today in Lausanne Palace is one of the most famous SPA-centers of Switzerland. And his highlight – following the ancient Indian health philosophy of Ayurveda, according to which can prevent illnesses, “harmonisieren the spirit and the body”. The center was built two years ago and decorated in the style of Roman baths. The Wellness programs offered by Lausanne Palace & SPA – anti-stress, rejuvenation, weight reduction, is used the best of ancient and modern medicine. This, together with the Swiss mountain air and peaceful atmosphere of Lausanne gives amazing health benefits.

Prices for accommodation in hotel – from 350 up to 2.6 million Swiss francs per day. Wellness programs in accordance with the length from 2.5 to 5.5 thousand Swiss francs a day.

Park Hotel Vitznau, Lucerne.

Once the private guest house the town of Vitznau, located half an hour away from Lucerne, next year will celebrate the centenary as a public Park. In “public” Park Hotel Vitznau, built in the style of belle epoque, just about a hundred rooms, including spacious suites with terraces overlooking lake Lucerne and the peaks of the Alps. The period from mid-April to mid-October considered the best time for this place have fun exploring the lake and the mountains. From the Patriarchal spirit of a Swiss village to a vibrant cultural life is also at hand: an hour’s drive from Vitznau to Zurich, and Lucerne – and closer.

Badrutt”s Palace hotel, St. Moritz .

St. Moritz is one of the sunniest resorts of the Swiss Alps is a well – known skiers. And from late June to September here come the lovers of summer vacation. In St. Moritz has it all to rest and gain strength. First of all – a marvelous landscape of the mountain valley of the Engadine c lake St. Moritz and the snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

The oldest hotel of St. Moritz, Badrutt”s Palace hotel is located in a private Park in the heart of the resort. Wooden ceilings with hand carved, Gothic arches, marble floors, walls decorated with paintings of famous artists, including a painting by Raphael. Restaurants, French, Mediterranean, Swiss and Asian cuisine. One of them, Chesa Veglia is located in a building of the XVII century and recreates the Patriarchal style of the Swiss mountains.

In summer, St. Moritz is particularly lively. Championships in roller skating and Golf, the Opera festival and the international chamber music festival, rally of vintage English cars and Greyhound racing, regatta and festival of Windsurfing.

Summer rates at Badrutt”s Palace – from 210 to 2 thousand Swiss francs.

This luxurious hotel welcomes guests of the island of Madeira since the end of last century. Then the island is shared only with the glory of the French Riviera, but now the Madeira – one of the best places for year-round recreation. The main hotel of the island, Reid”s Palace was repeatedly expanded, so has quite an eclectic look, however is quite corresponding to the spirit of the holiday Islands, located a thousand kilometers from the mainland. Madeira (which in Portuguese means “wood, tree”) is famous for its rich vegetation and clean coastal waters. Hotel Reid”s Palace is situated on a promontory above the Bay of Funchal, on the land side it is surrounded by exotic gardens is a very romantic place. In restaurants, terraces overlooking the Atlantic ocean, serves gourmet French and Mediterranean cuisine. For Golf enthusiasts, two beautiful fields. Guests of the hotel have fun exploring the rocky mountains, fishing in the open ocean, Windsurfing, and Hiking trips to the famous wine cellars of Madeira.

A relatively new Quinta do Lago (opened in 1988) referred to as the most refined hotel in Portugal. It is located on a gentle slope overlooking the estuary of the river Formosa and next to the Atlantic ocean. The hotel is located on the territory of the natural reserve Ria Formozsa, famous for rare species of birds. Pride Quinta do Lago – Golf courses, most of them are in the top ten sites in Europe. Here it is best to learn this game: it offers Golf instructors are PGA Golf Professional. For lovers of active rest – Windsurfing at salt lake and horse riding.

Brenner”s, Baden-Baden.

The mild climate of the Rhine valley and forests of the black forest has provided Baden-Baden the reputation of being one of the best resorts that are inhabited by the European aristocracy during the last two centuries. Park hotel Brenner”s over a hundred years, its medical center is considered one of the best in Europe. It treats internal diseases and psychosomatic disorders by naturotherapy (fasting, hydrotherapy, herbs, sound, color, aromatherapy). A few years ago the hotel appeared first class SPA-centre in the Oriental style. Prices for accommodation range from 190 to 1.4 thousand euros per day.

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