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The most famous pools of the world

When choosing a hotel, we pay attention to the list of amenities. If we are talking about hotels in warm countries, the most important item on our list is the availability of a comfortable swimming pool. As near water, you can relax and soul and body? We offer you a list of the most famous pools in the world, belonging to different hotels.

The Perivolas Hotel, Santorini

It is difficult to tell where the pool ends and begins the Aegean sea, in principle, you must be still, as in the sea and in the pool equally warm and pleasant.

Zighy Bay, Oman

If you have never been to Oman, it’s time to think about the visit. This pool is considered one of the best in the world, although it was opened only this year. At this point, there are 79 different pools, so there are plenty to choose.

Hotel Joule, Dallas

Very well, walks a lot of rumors around the world about this pool, but check them there is no other option but to become a guest of this hotel. Even journalists of glossy magazines with an international reputation not allowed to stare at IT just like that.

Banyan Tree, Seychelles

Another truly striking pool complex. As it is impossible to surprise the eskimo snow and tourists of Casalincontrada should be surprised by the water because it is everywhere. However, the hotel pool is something unimaginable.

Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran Bay, Bali

In order to swim in this amazing pool, you will have to first cross a wooden bridge. But that obstacle is nothing compared with the pleasure derived from bathing in such a place.

Reethi Rah Resort, Maldives

Strange – why in the Maldives swimming pool? The answer becomes clear after visiting this wonderful complex. If there is no time travel – just look at the video.

Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong

Even compared to the previous wonders of this work of architectural art (it’s hard to call this pool anyway) stands out from other similar ones. During the day, try to swim in it at night!

The Wynn, Las Vegas

In this complex, there were several pools and they all represent something unique. So it makes sense to visit all, if we had the opportunity to get to Las Vegas.

Crown Macau, Taipa island

Technically the hotel is a five star, but many of the services offered by the guests, pull on all six stars. These services can be considered as a magnificent pool complex at this hotel.

The Gallery Hotel, Singapore

Gorgeous, one of a kind hotel offers its guests to take a dip in the unique pool, fully appropriate to the status of the hotel.

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