Attrap – Reves, France

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Attrap’Rêves is a French network of 5 small hotels-bubbles a short distance from each other in the most beautiful places of Provence. For example, one of the hotels is located 10 kilometres from Marseille and the Mediterranean coast in this pine forest. Another immersed in the atmosphere of the Prairie, near the national natural Park of Luberon and stable yard. Third – not far from the Verdon gorge with its canyons and rivers. Because if You want for a day or two to be alone with nature, and dream under the stars, Attrap’Rêves is wonderful, it seems that the place for such a vacation.

The idea of the hotel, despite the unusual shape of the rooms, the bubbles are relatively simple nature without the discomfort of being in a tent – without excessive humidity, tightness or insects. All tiny hotels consist of 3-5 inflatable transparent or translucent rooms-bubbles. Each one is themed, but overall the interior is not very good: bed, small table, 2 chairs and a night light. An interesting detail is perhaps the only telescope, which is promised to all the guests along with star book for observing the night sky.Traditional TVs or outlets for the computer you in a bubble will not see, because you put your ayfonchik into the far corner and get ready in full to be alone with nature.

The cost of such accommodation starts from 140€ per night in high season, but can reach up to 500€ depending on the service package that You order. Then you will tell your friends that lived in a bubble for 20 thousand rubles. The price includes a standard basket of food for Breakfast, or the opportunity to revel in the buffet here is not expected. However, each bubble is close to Provencal villages, so that the question of food should not be a problem.

The owners claim that even in bad weather in the bubbles can have a great time. However, we suggest that you visit this place during the warmer months, as there are more opportunities to get a lot of positive emotions from the nature around, rafting, climbing and visiting the nearby villages. In addition, the heating bladder takes time, and all the amenities (individual for each bubble shower and toilet) are located on the street. So if You come in spring, you may have to run fast on a cold night.

You probably think that the bubble can’t breathe? There it was: these bubbles are super-ventilation system, why air is even cleaner than in the forest around. But even so, the rules of conduct in a bubble is quite strict – you can’t eat, drink, smoke, can not enter the bladder, not convinced of the closeness of the corridor in front of him, but otherwise will be under a deflated transparent dome. Favorite heart picnics-shish kebabs in Attrap’Rêves is also prohibited.

Despite the fact that the rooms are located in very secluded places and the supervision of the guests from the side is practically impossible, for shy guests in translucent bubbles. But we Lookinhotels think that if You decide to visit this hotel, you have to trust and be located in a fully transparent room “Zen” or “Nature”. There, if lucky You will see rabbits, squirrels and other forest animals, hear the sounds of nearby frogs and peacocks. And, of course, the most stunning is a panorama of the starry sky.

On the other hand, if from the forest out of the wild boar and be looking at You, bubble is not much help. Also it is doubtful, whether will resist the bubble in the storm, or fallen under the pressure of the branches of the nearby pines. Finally, if you are a celebrity (for example you’re Jennifer aniston or Nikita Mikhalkov), the paparazzi may be watching you from the forest through a long lens and take the camera, as you walk bare on his bladder.

In the hotel you can relax in the Jacuzzi, enjoy a massage (see video below). In addition, each bubble has free Parking, so if you are one of the happy / Provence, stay a night in this hotel can become for you yet another unforgettable impression of the trip. Remember, however, that each bubble can accommodate up to 3 people.

So, if You love wildlife, South France or You are an astronomer, you are here. We Lookinhotels sure Attrap’Rêves will be for you an unusual and bright Provencal experience.

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