An unusual hotel in Sweden

Very strange hotel in Sweden

With the development of business, many of our citizens received the opportunity to apply their dreams and ideas. However, if you have the desire to start their own business, but with an abundance of ideas, the situation did not work out, then we offer you the following option.

The essence of the idea

Swedish entrepreneurs are invited to indulge in fact, the option of creating a hotel for the homeless. At first glance, everything is simple, but it is not a special place to stay homeless. The fact that this hotel provides a unique opportunity for everyone to try extreme kind of stay in this hotel as… bum!

Who might like such an extraordinary idea? The answer will surprise you – many wealthy citizens, who are tired of luxury, and wish to add to your life of exoticism and adventure. Weird? No you can’t. The idea has caused a furor among the inhabitants of Sweden, and given the large percentage of oligarchy in our country, this activity will become quite popular.

The method of embodiment

For such a case of an abandoned leased space, which in our country a lot. The price it will cost you pretty cheap. Choose the old ruins, designated under the city’s bridges, in old shacks or abandoned buildings. The principle “the worse, the better” — your assistant in this venture. Any additional conditions and costs – and all that dwindle your hotel.

All this vain waiting for their tenants for many years. The local authority will be very glad to receive income from such property so permits you to not be. Hotel or tourism business in its new guise will help to bring the city additional investments and to draw attention to the problems of the homeless population.

Sweden for the services of one night stay in this hotel receives fifteen Euro for each tenant. You can make a route of travel on the local “slum”, which, get their best price. All savings are saved in a special account charitable organization that deals with problems of socially vulnerable population, which will go on realisation of protection of their interests.

Thus, the combination of business and charity will be a great option for realization of your dreams about your own business, and the ability to help society.

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