A journey to haunted hotels

In the world there are so many interesting places, making a journey in which you can learn a lot of useful information. Take, for example, the pyramids of Egypt – who can challenge their historical and cultural significance. Or, suppose, we arrived in Italy, say to the Colosseum, this is a masterpiece of world importance – as the saying goes, eat, what to see and what to touch.

Take a trip to those who can’t leave

But lately the tourists was this little, I mean a trip to historical sites or relax on the beach. For these tourists, the enterprising owners of hotels, came up with, but it can and actually is, the hotel is haunted. And it’s true, if you think about the hotel room, then you have seen in my lifetime is that some people, even in dreams never occurred. Adding here a bit of psychology, we can assume that something spiritual could stay in the rooms, after some bright events happened in them. It now remains to make a top 10 list of hotels with ghosts and offer it to extremes, to enable them accurately to make reservations in such hotels.

1. Le Pavillon Hotel – United States – this hotel is over 100 years old, it was built in 1907. It looks like a luxury hotel where all services predostavlyayutsya the highest level. However, there are some nuances – visitors claim to have seen here, at least five ghosts that attracts the interest of fans to watch such events.

2. Ballygally Castle Hotel – this chic hotel, is located in Ireland and housed in a building built in 1625. This castle’s rich history, it belonged to James Shaw, who imprisoned his wife in one of the towers of the castle to die of hunger, but she jumped out the window. Current guests claim that the spirit of lady Isabel, still roams the hotel.

3. Grand Hyatt Hotel is located in Taiwan. This is a gorgeous hotel, but… Say that it was built on the site where during the Second world war, was a Japanese torture camp. So these places are just oversaturated with paranormal phenomena. Owners of even appealed to experts in Feng Shui, so they did something to scare off the ghosts.

4. Russell Hotel – this hotel is in Australia, he many times changed its purpose. At one time, the building is now the hotel, was the hospital where he was treated for a deadly epidemic. After that, the building served as a dormitory for sailors. Guests say that the cast, at least one sailor is still walking around the building.

5. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel – the hotel is located in Canada, high in the Rocky mountains. I must say that the hotel tries to hide and denies the presence in the hotel any ghosts, but guests say the opposite.

6. Akasaka Weekly Mansion is located in Japan. This is a relatively small hotel, but with very good service. Guests of the hotel claim that there are very often different ghosts.

7. Queen Mary – this hotel moored off long beach, California. Yes, that is moored, because until 1967 – it was a comfortable ship that dominated the seas. Guests claim that here one can often see a Ghost wandering around the premises.

8. Hotel Castello Della Castelluccia is a luxury hotel, which is located in Italy. The hotel occupies a building erected in the eleventh century. Probably, this building in his lifetime saw many different people because the guests tell you about a few ghosts that walk around the hotel.

9. Talbot Hotel is a great hotel located in England. The service here is at the highest level. But there is one thing, but… Guests claim that at night here wandering ghosts.

10. Hotel Chelsea is a gorgeous hotel . located in new York. The building in which it is located, is located, was built in 1885. Here was a popular spot for artists, poets, musicians. Therefore the walls of this hotel have seen a lot of stories, often tragic.

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