10 most famous haunted houses

If you are taking uninvited guests at home is one thing, and it will surprise nobody, but how about you come back to visit, which besides that are still scared afraid of? Although they do not need to prepare a room to stay and not have to buy them lunch, they will make you a lot worried. We will talk about spirits and ghosts, rather about the world’s most famous homes, where they often frequented. The owners of these houses were happy if they came in by anyone, even without an invitation, but not such an entity.

1) the Hotel is out of Date-plantation

Located in the city of St. Francisville, Louisiana, this provincial hotel is famous for the fact that is the most visited haunted place in the United States. The building was built in 1796 by General David Bradford and is now ready to accept guests. It is said that in this building were at least 10 murders. Given this number, it is not surprising that guests who stay at the hotel, often see ghosts. Particularly common are two Ghost children playing in the veranda, and servants, that walk around them. Guests often hear footsteps on the stairs and the sounds of nonexistent playing the piano.

Today this building, a former prison, is visited by the ghosts of those people whose names you can find in a history textbook. The tower of London is one of the world’s most famous haunted houses, its walls biosfilename infinite number of executions, torture and murders that took place in this castle the last thousand years. Two of the most famous Ghost is the Ghost of Queens Jane gray and Anne Boleyn, were beheaded. According to eyewitnesses, the Ghost of the last bear in the hands of his severed head. Also there is the Ghost of a Countess of Salisbury, who was beheaded by the executioner in an attempt to escape from the fortress.

3) The House Of Rose Hall

This place is visited by the ghosts, is in Jamaica. Ghosts chose this house due to his former mistress Annie Palmer, who lived here about 200 years ago. Nicknamed the “Black witch” it is rumored, killed three husbands and many slave lovers. Also it was rumored that she sacrificed babies, were tortured slaves, and made many other terrible things. According to some, she did it out of boredom. They say the ghosts of the victims still roam the house.

4) Home Valley House

This haunted house is located in San Diego, California. Here is the red-haired Ghost girls. Said that she was the daughter of the first owners of the house. Another frequent visitor is the Ghost, which saw Yankee Jim Robinson who was killed in this house. Saw him on the stairs of the house where he actually died.

5) Edinburgh castle

Say that of all Europe most often see ghosts in Scotland, and often visited by the most haunted buildings in Scotland is the Edinburgh castle. This place is remarkable cemetery of the dogs, and here often see ghosts of dogs. There have also been reports that the castle has seen and heard the ghosts of the prisoners, a headless drummer and a Piper. Said Piper was hired to research the underground tunnels of the castle. He had to play his instrument, being under the ground, so that those above would know where he is. However, Piper suddenly disappeared during one of his expeditions.

6) The Stanley Hotel

If you read the novel of Stephen king’s “the Shining”, you probably want to visit the place that became the prototype of the hotel from this work. The Stanley hotel is in Colorado, and it is home to several spirits. Visitors at claimed that could feel the ghosts pulled them over clothes. Some of them got up from the cold, and their blankets were neatly complex beside the bed. Also it was rumored that saw the ghosts of children playing in the lobby, and the Ghost of a child who calls his nanny. Stephen king claimed to have personally seen this Ghost.

7) Raynam Hall

The most famous Ghost of this house in the English County of Norfolk is a Ghost named Lady Brown. According to legend, she was a woman locked in the house and was not allowed to see her children. In the end, she died. Her Ghost even shot on film, and experts say that the photos are genuine. Those who saw her claimed that she was dressed in a gown of brown satin, her face glowed, and the eye sockets were empty.

8) The Liner Queen Mary

Although it’s not really a house, and the ship, the Queen Mary is known for its ghosts. Today it is tourism object, which is moored in long beach, California. Many tourists and Museum staff claimed to have witnessed paranormal phenomena occurring on the ship. Saw the Ghost of a young sailor who tried to escape the fire, but died, also talked about the Ghost of a child who broke her neck at the pool, and heard him calling for his mother.

9) Farm Bell

This farmhouse in Tennessee is known that there lives a Ghost that killed people. The Ghost name is Kate, she is also known under the name the bell Witch. In this house in the period from 1817 to 1821 the family lived bell. Said John bell, the head of the family, suffered from nervous disorders. His health problems have been exacerbated because of the antics of Kate, and he soon died. It was rumored that near death bed Bella saw a vial of black liquid, and that Kate was accused that she gave it to Bella.

10) The White House

This is the only place in the world where you can see the ghosts of dead presidents. In the bedroom you can meet the Ghost of President Andrew Jackson, and if lucky, to see the Ghost of Abraham Lincoln. It was rumored that the Ghost of Lincoln was seen sitting on the bed and removes shoes. High guests visiting the White House, admitted that he heard a knock at the door and even saw Lincoln standing behind her. His Ghost saw Eleanor Roosevelt and the wife of Calvin Coolidge.

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